Chams for SF (Vista/Windows 7 Only)

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Chams for SF (Vista/Windows 7 Only)

Post by HeartLess on Mon Oct 05, 2009 11:54 pm

Well, unfortunately, this is leeched. However, it is such a great hack, I posted it anyways...

Download Link
Click here to download.

First Extract the Rar File to your desktop. Now, Follow the instructions:

Step 1: Right click and click "Run as Administrator" on (x1nject.exe).

Step 2: Click on Browse.

Step 3: Click on (GG_bypass.dll) and click open.

Step 4: You should now have this.

Step 5: Click on Browse and this time, click on (LexkoOmen_s.dll) and click open.

Step 6: You should now have this.

Step 7: Open up reactor, do your thing, and click "Game Start"

Step 8: Press F1 to Activate your chams. Press F2 for No
Fog.Press F8 for Crosshair in the middle. Press F9 to leave the game
with no bullet holes.
It gives you a wireframe you can't turn off making it totally useless.

Virus Scan
Click here for Virus Scan


Shad0w aka Stickleback @
Me for bringing it to GK and the tut w/ screens

- This will Game Hack Detect for XP
- This will not work for xp unless you are lucky
- This should work for Vista
- This should work for Windows 7. (Tested by me on Windows 7)
- Do NOT post if you are on xp or you are asking for an xp hack.
- If you violate any of the above statements, your post will be ignored and deleted.


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